What is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup, Micro-pigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing are all different names for the same procedure.
Permanent Makeup is a gentle form of tattooing using a digital rotary machine and needle where micro pigment is implanted using a digital rotary machine and needle in to the upper dermal layer of the skin creating natural looking results that can last up to approx 12-24 months or longer. The pigments we use are natural to the body and can be broken down over time resulting in fading. Another factor which makes them fade is that the pigment gets closer to the surface of the skin and eventually disappears as the skin naturally exfoliates and renews.
Who can benefit from Permanent Makeup?
Permanent Makeup can benefit those with sensitivities to everyday makeup and products or have poor vision, active lifestyles or for those who want to save time and make natural enhancements to their features. Permanent Eyebrows are perfect for those who have over plucked, over threaded, filling sparse areas, adding more definition or those with little hair or hair loss due to medical reasons or for just creating the perfect brow!
What does the treatment involve?
Permanent Makeup is a two step procedure. At your appointment we will discuss the procedure, your expectations and what can be achieved. The first appointment takes approximately 2 - 2.5 hours in total and the tattooing itself approximately 1 hour. After this first appointment there is a healing period of 4 weeks and then a top up appointment approximately 6 weeks later. You can opt to have a free, no obligation consultation prior to deciding whether to go ahead.
Does it hurt?
Everyone has different thresholds of pain, as an example clients often say that threading is more painful than the procedure itself. A lot of clients anticipate the procedure will be painful, but are surprised that the procedure isn't as bad as they thought it would be and is quite comfortable and relaxing. We work lightly so it’s not as deep as a body art tattoo and keep the treatment comfortable.
Contraindications of Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup is not suitable for: Pregnant and nursing women, those with exceptionally oily skin, Lupus, impaired auto immune system disorders, keloid scarring, those taking steroid treatments, active skin disorders, blood disorders, advanced diabetes, eye disorders (eyeliner). Those under going chemotherapy or other health issues will need advice from their Doctor or Consultant.
Do you Microblade?
In permanent makeup/semi permanent makeup/micropigmentation there are two methods of tattooing, one is microblading which is a manual method using a pen like tool and a head of needles, dipped into pigment and essentially ‘scratched’ across the surface of the skin. The second method is using a digital handpiece and needle which gently punctures tiny dots into the skin to implant pigment (which is what I do).
My work often gets mistaken for microblading or it's just assumed that what I do is microblading. Alot don't understand what it is as it can be confusing, so hopefully this helps to clarify the difference.
Microblading and machine are both methods used to create hairstrokes if done correctly and both are methods of tattooing. There are pros and cons of both and some clients are better suited to one method than the other and as with anything, in the right hands either technique can produce excellent results.
But my preferred method is machine as essentially that's what I'm trained to do and also because of the variety of styles I can create to tailor to the client, whether it be hairstrokes, powder, combination... it's also less trauma on the skin and the retention can be longer lasting.
But in a nutshell - one is manual and one a machine, its just two different ways of implanting pigment. I often liken it to skiiing and snowboarding, both get you down the slope just in a different way. But lastly it's important to choose a technician based on their results after and healed not the method they are using.
Patch Test
We can carry out a patch test on the skin at least 48 hours prior to the procedure, however this can be waived and if you do want a patch test please contact me directly so we can arrange a time to call in to the clinic to carry out this out.
Do you shave the eyebrow hair off?
No, any eyebrow hair that is there will be left to blend in with the tattooed hairstrokes.
How often do they need topping up?
Although described as Permanent Makeup it still needs maintenance to keep its colour and shape, the same as treatments such as nails, eyelashes, botox, fillers, hair colour. You should expect to have one maintenance top up appointment every 9-12 months, this could be sooner depending on skin type and lifestyle, it could be longer.
What if I've had Cosmetic tattooing before elsewhere?
You need to tell me if you have had Cosmetic tattooing done before. I will not carry out any correctional work from other Technicians and if you require removal the clinic specialise in laser tattoo removal which is a safe and effective way to remove old pigment. If you require removal or need previous permanent makeup fading down, contact the clinic directly on 01484 686701 for free consultation or visit Yorkshire Cosmetic Laser Clinic If you want your permanent makeup redoing once the old pigment has been removed please mention this.
For refreshes of cosmetic tattooing done elsewhere I will need to see them first and you'll be advised on an individual basis. Only if they faded to barely anything will I carry out a refresh and a full treatment will be required.
I have a holiday booked
We advise not to on a sun holiday for at least 2-3 weeks after the procedure due to the healing process and risk of fading the pigment. If you want Permanent Makeup completed for your holiday, please allow enough time for healing and both procedures.

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